Starting Kendo is easy! Just follow these 3 steps:

  1. 1.Pay the Course fee of $78 using

  2. 1.Download the Beginners Registration Form

  3. 2.Email or Fax the completed form to:  or 9754 5659

  4. You will receive a receipt by email confirming your payment.

  5. Before the start of the course you will be notified by email confirming the starting date of the course and the club, where you will be starting your Kendo Beginners Course. 

  6. When training, wear comfortable, loosely
    fitting clothing.

All equipment Shinai (bamboo sword) and Bogu (body protective armor) is supplied for the course. Most students on the course purchase their own Shinai so they can practice at home.

If you wish to purchase a Shinai before the course starts you can below.

Shinai and Shinai Bag $65.40 inc postage.

A Shinai will then be forwarded to you ready to start the course.




Kendo is for all ages of men, women and children from 8 years of age. Most people who start Kendo have never practiced a martial art before and with our Kendo Beginners Course you will learn the basic principles to the martial art of Kendo.

The Kendo Beginner’s Course with the Australian Kendo Dojos is a 6 week course with all armor supplied and the choice of 2 classes per week at any ofour clubs during this course.

  1. Footwork and stance

  2. Attack and defensive techniques

  3. Kendo terminology

  4. Dojo procedure

  5. Dojo and Kendo etiquette

  6. How to wear and maintain the Bogu (armour)

  7. How to wear and the uniform

  8. Physical fitness at your own pace

The Kendo Beginners courses start the first week of each month at all our Kendo Clubs - Camberwell, Burwood, Murrumbeena, Tecoma, Essendon and Blackburn.

Classes for children are only on Sundays at the Camberwell Club.


Please note the link below can take up to
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Please note the link below can take up to
30 seconds to activate. Please be patient.